Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

Hello Everyone,

We will have Community Connections Monday, Nov.24  & Tuesday, Nov.25, 2014.

We are closed for Thanksgiving break Nov. 26 - Nov. 28, 2014.

We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

CC will begin with Session 2 on December 1, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

New Session 2 Information

Hello Everyone,

Our Session 2  Program Activities for students in 1st - 5th grades only are available.
Please check them out on the page section - Session 2 Activity Forms  
 Session 2 Activity Description 

*Activity forms needs to be filled out and return with payment By Tuesday, November 25, 2014.* We need the activity form to place your child in a program activity. Also have your child pick 1st and 2nd choice.

PROGRAM TIME 4:00-5:00 for students in grade 1st - 5th grade.
All program activities are part of the CC Program. Pricing is already included in the CC Package, unless  noticed.


Again,  please make sure we receive the form with payment on time.

If you have any further questions contact  Program Director: Diadel Ortiz

Friday, November 14, 2014

Dear Parents /Guardians,

As I look back on my school days, I remember times when students were mistreated almost every day, bullied.  You probably did too. Bulling has become an important topic for parents and schools to address because it is different today.  It is more prevalent and more intense.  It is now understood to be very destructive to the well-being of students, creates unsafe school and generates a school climate that hinders learning.

We are committed to doing something about bullying.  If it’s not a problem, we want to make sure it doesn't start  That is called prevention.  If it is a problem, we’re determined to stop it.  That is called intervention.

As your child’s after school teacher, I am committed to prevention and intervention in the CC classroom. That is why I will be teaching several lessons this year about bullying starting Nov.17, 2014.  These lessons are designed to create a positive environment where everyone feels safe, accepted and have a sense of belonging and valued.  They also provide students with information to help them develop empathy, self-control and skills to cope with bullying and to become bystanders who take a stand against bullying.

From time to time, I will send home a Parent Chat handout related to our Bully Free lesson.  You are asked to discuss with your child what is on the Parent Chat handout.  We believe this is important information for you and your child to share.

If you have questions or concerns, I hope you will contact me personally.

Thank you,
Diadel Ortiz